The best of southwest Colorado manufacturers

Happy ending to 2020. I’m sure that got your attention! With the perseverance and resilience of the American people, we will make it better. In this blog we are highlighting the best southwest Colorado manufacturers we know. A fun exercise we invite you to do as well.

As we come to the end of this year, we want everyone to consider how buying gifts for your family and loved ones impacts the economy in your town, city, county, state and the nation. The financial impact could be very significant (read our previous blog on the subject: How 10% of your holiday spending can change the national economy!).


How 10 percent of your holiday budget can change the national economy


There are literally thousands of items made in the United States. If we all put forth an effort to seek out items that are made here, the recipient of the gift would likely appreciate it.

When you are out and about with your mask on or sitting in the comfort of your home, please consider searching for companies that very likely are making great products right in your backyard. 

Here at SOM Footwear, we are not big consumers and probably very conservative in our spending. Is it due to our minimalist footwear spirit or were we just like that in our previous life (life before the shoes)? Maybe a little bit of both so, when it comes to shopping, we pay attention from whom we buy. We also like to notice and proudly talk about other manufacturers who are experiencing the same troubles we have on a daily basis. Solidarity goes a long way in spirit. ;-)

Where to find made in USA companies

There are several websites that compile lists of companies that make products In the USA. To name a few:,,,,,  And the newest site we just learned about is The owner is working very hard to highlight the companies that exist and recently completed the list of companies making toys and games in the USA. It’s well worth a visit to learn more.

USA Made List Toys and Games
Buy Direct USA Usa Love List

A fun thing to do is to pick a state and make it your gift theme for all your loved ones. For example, if you would decide to offer gifts made only in Colorado, you could start your search with The creator of this website has done the hard work for you by personally investigating the companies he highlights. You can do a search for "gifts made in" any state.

Uncover Colorado

These are great sources to aid you with suggestions and directions for good, American-made products.

What manufacturers do you have in your own backyard?

What we found locally, just in and around our own town of Montrose, Colorado, is incredible and full of surprises.

Colorado Yurts  idea started when the original owners were living in a tipi at 11,000 feet in harsh Colorado winters, gaining the first-hand experience they needed to design and manufacture the world’s finest fabric structure from teepees, to tents, to yurts.

Colorao Yurt with a deck
Colorado Yurt logo

Geyser System moved to our region just recently. Their product redefines what it means to live on planet earth with a portable shower that uses less than 1 gallon of water.  

Geyser Systems, a portable shower for your adventures.
Geyser System logo

Lucky Tree making bamboo jewelry made by busy parents and business owners who strive to live a natural and sustainable lifestyle, creating unique, meaningful, functional and easy to wear pieces that support our planet.

Lucky Tree Studio Diffuser Bracelets
Lucky Tree Studio Logo Circle

Ross Reel is one of a few elite fly fishing companies that engineer, machine, assemble, and service their products under one roof. Representing the best of what American industry stands for: a dedicated, hard-working group of men and women crafting the best tools available

Ross Reels Product Made in USA
Ross Reels Logo Made in USA Reels

Then we also have Scott Fly Rod Company founded by Harry who left his job as an executive to pursue his passion for building the world's finest fly rods and successfully achieve his dream. 

Of course, there is also one of the few sneaker factories in America, SOM Footwear - hey that is us ;-)  We are the ONLY sneaker company in Colorado that manufactures ALL of our shoe models right here, from raw materials to finished product. 

SOM Footwear in action

TEI Rock Drill, an internationally known product that started some 40 years ago in the basement of an engineer passionate about quality and durability.

Hem excavator drills made by TEI
TEI Rock Drills

SOM Footwear is located in the Southwest region of Colorado and, looking further across the area, we found innovative manufacturers that are doing their thing in other small communities and impacting their local economy. Let’s name a few.

Alpacka Raft, the concept of a tiny boat you can backpack with was born in Alaska and moved to Colorado with more innovative powers when the kids partnered in the business.

Alpack Raft adventures
Alpacka Raft Logo

Long Haul Folding Kayaks

They manufacture folding kayaks of the highest quality that are unmatched in the industry.

Long Haul folding kayak made in Colorado

Seek Outside, exists to improve the all-season backcountry experience with high quality tents. They believe in making products that perform in the field, and have the durability to be “Built For Life”.

Seek Outside in action, tents and backpack made in Colorado

SOL Paddle Boards

They manufacture precision paddle boards, durable and high quality to live nature at its maximum.

 SOL Paddle Boards in white water 
SOL Paddle Boards with logo

Did I forget to mention the beautiful custom skis made by Wagner? From designing custom golf clubs in a previous career, Pete Wagner decided to offer customization options to skiers. Seeing them up in the backcountry is a real pleasure and gives you a sense of pride.

Wagner custom skis in full action
Wagner skis made in Colorado

You might try and create your own challenge to see what products are made in and around your backyard. Feel free to share in the comments section below.

In closing, we ask you to give it a good effort to buy American. This will help out our great country and create new jobs for Americans as we move into 2021.

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