What Makes SOM Footwear Unique?

      SOM Footwear is a unique company located in Montrose, CO. Besides making shoes made in the USA, there are also some amazing qualities that make SOM stand out from other shoe companies.
      • Customer Service Second to None!

        Besides offering a comfortable, rugged shoe, we strive to provide the best customer service - always putting our best foot forward to assist our customers. With our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, we make exchanges as easy as possible. Switching size is simple with our free returns policy. Unlike other companies, there is one-time shipping charge for orders shipped within the US, and this one-time charge also covers any exchanges. We started out with free shipping for repeat customers at the very beginning of SOM and we intend to keep it as a benefit as long as we possibly can. 


        • Repeat Customer Benefits

        Whenever one of our repeat customers buys a new pair of SOMs, we help to keep their SOMs in motion for longer by offering resoling free of charge on their previous pair. We stand proudly behind our shoes and have a one year warranty on every pair we make.

        Repeat customers also get $5 off their next purchase of SOMs!

        • Referral Customer Benefit

        To help us get the word out, we have a referral program and will send a $5 check for every new customer referred.


        • Versatility of the Shoes

        Once your feet are in SOMs, you’ll soon realize that they can be worn just about anywhere. Whether you’re hiking, biking, fencing, walking the dog, gardening or wearing them to the office, our shoes are versatile. Our customers’ testimonials alone support the concept that our shoes are not only comfortable but functional, all compiled into one shoe. Whether you are active or just looking for an everyday shoe, we’ve got it!  Our goal is happy feet in motion!

        • Custom Shoes Just for You

        You can pick your fabric and we’ll make you a very special just for you pair of sneakers!

        One of our unique products is the SO Me shoe! Have a fun, favorite pattern in mind? Do you want to know if SO Me can be made out of particular material? We will provide guidelines to you for the type of fabric needed and will gladly make you a custom pair of shoes with the material you send. How many shoe companies offer that?


        • Split Sizes and Single Shoes

        SOM can sell you a single shoe, or a pair of shoes of two different sizes.  We haven’t found any other company who are willing to sell you a single shoe!

        Need split sizes for different sized feet? Not a problem! Unlike other retailers that sell split sizes, we have minimal restrictions on ordering. If only one shoe is needed, we are happy to work with you.

        • Shoe Factory Tour

        How many shoe factories offer tours? Not many - definitely none in Colorado. SOM Footwear does! If you happen to be in the Montrose area, come visit us. Whether you are on vacation or a local resident, we thoroughly enjoy providing factory tours. We will show you from start to finish how our SOMs are produced. During a tour, you will also meet our SOM team members.


        At SOM Footwear, our team is creative and inspired by what we do. We love to create new shoe designs. When a new design comes out, we can hardly contain our excitement to share it with you. One of the most appealing parts of new designs is the naming of it! The entire SOM team is involved in brainstorming a name for the new design. We may even solicit the help of our customers, followers, and visitors by taking polls of new design concepts. Be sure to follow us on social media!

        • Shoe Outlet Store at the factory

        We also have a factory outlet store. Stop by and we will size you for your very own SOMs. The factory store is open on Thursdays to the public, or by appointment on other days of the week.  We never turn drop-ins away! Come by and try on a pair!

        So What Makes SOM Footwear Unique? All of the Above!

        You can see that there are many ways in which SOM Footwear is unique and makes us stand out from other shoe companies. No matter how it is viewed, SOM Footwear is unique.

        Have questions? Call or email us!

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