Custom Shoes Now Available


It's June, and here in Colorado that means warmer temperatures and considerably drier weather than we had in May! While it may be Summer for some, SOM creators Olie and Nathalie are still taking advantage of the fresh snow up in the mountains on the weekends!

On the business side of things, we've got even more exciting things going on!

Olie Marchal, founder of SOM Footwear in Colorado.

SO Me Custom Shoes Now Available

We've been testing out the idea of custom SOMs for a while now and we are excited to extend this offer to our newsletter subscribers!

 Create your own American made custom shoe with SOM Footwear.

Having a hard time finding a lightweight, comfortable, minimalist style shoe with a cool design? Create your own! What tickles your fancy? Maybe you love polka dots, plaid, camouflage, tie dye or your favorite team's colors or logo.
Admit it, after reading that last statement, you most likely have an image of YOUR perfect shoe in your head! You’re half way through the process of owning a pair of shoes that is as unique as you are. If you still need some inspiration, head over to our Pinterest Board.
Now all you need to do is stop by your favorite fabric, craft, or hobby store and find that perfect fabric. Send us 24” x 24” of the fabric and we will send you your pair of one of a kind, handcrafted sneakers! When you get them, you will say, these shoes are SO Me!
Struggling to find the perfect gift for that someone special, or maybe that person that has everything? Surprise them with a personalized pair of shoes! They will receive them and you can say, “those are SO You!”

Create your own American made custom shoe with SOM Footwear.
The SO Me custom sneaker is available only on our website.

We want to hear from you- what do you think about our SO Me project? Do you think people will be interested? Is there anything we could do to make the process easier for the consumer? If you have any ideas, please email our team at


What does sense of motion (SOM) mean?

It's reconnecting with your body and the ground that you walk on.
It's getting the most of every adventure.
It's walking on your own two feet- the way nature intended.

In our latest social media campaign, we pose the question "What does your sense of motion look like?" Fans can share their photos with #MySenseOfMotion and each week we will share our favorites on social media. We will also choose a few to share in our upcoming newsletters.

Here are our favorite submissions from this month-

American made sneakers by SOM Footwear.American made sneakers by SOM Footwear.

American Made Shoes by SOM FootwearAmerican Made Shoes by SOM Footwear
Nag-iisa patterns selling out!

We recently released 2 new Nag-iisa patterns, Stars and 'Merica! Our Stars pattern was so popular that it is already on the verge of selling out! At the time of writing this, we have enough fabric left for only 3 more pairs.

American made sneakers by SOM Footwear.

Be sure to follow us on your favorite social media platform for the chance to vote on the next Nag-iisa pattern.

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