A Birthday Gift of Colors

Happy Birthday to SOM!

Three years ago, on July 31st, SOM Sense of Motion Footwear officially sold our first pair of shoes.  While the earliest prototypes and the idea of SOM are a couple of years older than that, for us this July date marks our official start.  We took the opportunity to celebrate how far we’ve come from our second-hand sewing machine beginnings and also to get excited about where things are going.

Happy Birthday SOM!

A hearty thank you to our very first customers who supported us as well as to those of you who continue to do so today. Our successes are dedicated to our customers, so feel free to celebrate with us today.  We live vicariously through our shoes, so if you treat your feet be sure to send us a photo! 

Looking to hear from you

As we are another year older, we are pursuing a number of changes and possibilities.  Some are obvious (an updated website!) and some are just for your feet (colors have arrived!).  Others are still in the works, but each one is moving us forward. And don’t worry, our factory is staying right here in the USA.

SOM Survey

We continuously work to improve our processes, designs, materials and offerings and we sincerely appreciate all of you who have given us feedback over the years—and we welcome it again.  We’ve put together a short survey to help us better understand our customer’s needs. Some of you have already had the opportunity to answer; but if you have not, we’d love for you to contribute your voice.  You can do that here.

If you're not looking to answer a survey today, consider sending us a quick word on what you thought of the stickers included in all recent orders. Originally just for the pre-orders, we are considering keeping them around.  Leave us a comment letting us know what you thought of them!


Our birthday also seemed like the perfect time to introduce much anticipated colors!  We’re not leaving the classic all black Norwood behind, but we are ready for it to have some brighter siblings. Thanks to everyone who gave their input on our poll last month.  We had a clear winner and this past weekend, the Norwood dressed in sage made its public debut.

But we couldn’t leave our red votes feeling too left out.  We produced a limited number of Norwoods in red to offer those passionate about bright feet—so if you need that pop, act fast!

Sage Norwood and Red Norwood

We also received a number of more... creative color suggestions (we asked and you delivered!) Our favorites included ‘70s rusty orange, polka dots, and “white with a question mark exactly as pictured. It will be huge.”  While we’re not moving forward with any of these suggestions just yet, we’re not counting them out, either.

Eclipsing the Colors

Almost as exciting as new colors is this month's solar eclipse. On August 21st, the total solar eclipse will make its way across the U.S. allowing people all over the continent to enjoy at the very least a partial glimpse of this astronomical event. As the moon passes between us on Earth and the sun, parts of the U.S. will be covered in shadow for up to two minutes as the eclipse follows its path from east to west. While Colorado is not in that shadowy path of totality, with clear skies we should still be able to enjoy a partial eclipse.

Total Solar Eclipse
Image courtesy of NASA

NASA has some excellent maps that help to pinpoint the time the eclipse will be making its appearance near you.  They may also inspire a road trip to the nearest destination that will see the total eclipse. 

Tips for happy viewing:

  • Eye protection! It is not safe to look directly at the sun, especially during an eclipse, without the right protection.  Learn more about the snazzy looking glasses you need to enjoy your viewing.
  • These maps can help you plan when and where to watch… and how much of an eclipse you can expect to see.
  • If you are looking to photograph the eclipse, remember that sun filters and other equipment are necessary to get that shot you’re looking for. 

This eclipse should be visible from nearly all parts of North America.  So be sure to keep your eyes open for it (but only if they are wearing that super fancy eyewear!)

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  • LOVE the new colors! I will be in soon – I think your shoes would be good for my husband, he has very bad
    neuropathy. Thanks for the info on the eclipse! Julie

    Julie Carroll

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