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Replacement Insoles
Replacement Insoles

Replacement Insoles

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Worn insoles?  New shoe inserts to the rescue!

When the time comes to replace your insoles, you can order a set of our standard SOM shoe inserts ($7.00) to extend the comfort and life of your SOMs.  Made out of EVA specifically cut to fit our natural foot-shaped design, they offer a little shaped arch, and cup heel.

And for some of you, we are now offering 5mm neoprene flat inserts ($14.00) which are made with high-density neoprene. This MP sponge is a natural base rubber that provides some extra cushioning without altering the barefoot feel of the shoes. The insert keeps its thickness and shape, even during strenuous activities such as running or jumping. Please note this insert weighs almost twice as much as our standard insert. Certain customers appreciate these inserts because it diminishes the feel of the surface they walk on.


Please note: new insoles are included with resoling.