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SOM Addiction. It’s Real.


addiction [uh-dik-shuh n] 

The state of being enslaved to a habit or practice or to something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming, as narcotics, to such an extent that its cessation causes severe trauma.


A new epidemic is sweeping the nation- SOM Addiction. The epidemic is believed to have originated in Western Colorado in the Summer of 2014. Cases are now being reported all throughout the USA, from Alaska to Texas and California to Maine. Some of the hardest hit states include Illinois, Tennessee, California, Texas, Washington and the Carolinas. SOM Addiction is even starting to spread internationally, with addictions being reported in Canada, France and Germany! 

Signs of SOM Addiction-

-You automatically reach for your SOM’s regardless of the activity you are about to do (ex. grocery shopping, walking the dog, Crossfit, hiking, biking etc.)

-You make enough money off our referral program to buy yourself a new pair of SOMs whenever you get sick of your current color.

-You own one pair in every color.

-You suddenly notice that shoes you once thought were comfortable now feel constricting and/or overbuilt. 

-You look at your shoe rack and can’t believe how many non-American made shoes you really own.

(writer’s note- I unintentionally just listed all the things I do now that I am a proud SOM owner instead of coming up with generic signs of a shoe addiction...)


We’ve been told that the only time SOMo’s have been able to part with their beloved shoes are situations where sneakers are not appropriate. In order to help out with this situation, we have come up with a solution- the SP-L3 Classic. This leather version of the SP-L3 is leather and can be dressed up for nearly any occasion. Now you don’t have to part with your SOMs! If you wear your shoes to bed or in the shower, however, you may actually need professional help.

American made all leather shoe by SOM Footwear.

We can’t really think of any other “solutions”, as we believe SOM Addiction is actually beneficial to your health. One podiatrist actually said: “If everyone was wearing SOM Footwear I would have to find another trade.” We think that all we can really do is keep feeding your addiction with new colors and styles (did I mention we are putting the finishing touches on a new style you will be sure to love?! Keep checking for updates).

As mentioned in the “symptoms” section, we offer a Referral Program to help you cope with your addiction. Every time a customer buys a pair of shoes and tells us that YOU referred them to us, we will send you a check for $5. We figured that no one can tell the SOM story better than YOU, our aweSOMe fans!

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