Why Our Customers Buy Again.

Along the years we have learned that SOM Footwear is not like any other shoes. There is, perhaps, something indefinable about them, so we always like to help more people to give them a try; to feel the difference for themselves. For that purpose, we offer risk free If you try a pair of SOMs - always risk free - there's a big chance that you'll be back for another pair. There is no better way to understand why this is so than by listening to what our customers are already saying.

Here we have compiled, by age group, the reasons why our customers come back to buy SOM shoes time after time. These are anonymous answers to our optional order confirmation survey from the past year.

Warning: The biggest risk to trying SOM Footwear is that you may love them as much as they do!


 Age Group Answers From Repeat Customer - Male or Female
24 and under
  • I needed a new pair of skateboarding shoes. I'll combine it with a suede toe-cap protector - Already looking forward to many months of use.
  • I needed a new pair of wide-toe box thick soled shoes for skateboarding.
  • Customer support. Company Ethics.
  • Best for my feet!
  • Because I love them
  • Because y'all are awesome!
  • Zero drop and US made.
  • Made in America, comfort, quality, style
  • Great stylized shoes while also being a healthy shoe! Also, awesome customer service!
  • My second pair became my running shoes.
  • Made in U.S.A. with integrity as well as continuous innovations.
  • USA made, simple, high value, always improving.
  • Looks like Converse, made fairly in US
  • USA made, simple, high value, always improving.
  • Not only do SOMs satisfy my shoe needs, but I get the sense that you all really take pride in your work and have a lot of integrity.
  • For the comfort and US-made quality.
  • Simple USA made shoes that fit.
  • Great shoes.
  • Comfiest shoes, AND made in the US!
  • Best shoes ever.
  • Because I love your shoes!
  • A comfortable shoe that isn't ugly.
  • Because your shoes are very comfortable, and made in the USA!
  • Like the feel
  • 1st time- USA made, zero drop. Second- very happy with first. Third- still stoked but wanted more breath-ability.
  • The first time I bought from you, I was looking for a good zero drop shoe. Happy that I did. This time's purchase is because I've worn them so much that I destroyed the laces :D Probably getting a new pair sometime early next year, as well.
  • Resoling, usa, minimalist
  • Best shoes ever!!!
  • First : made in North America with fair working conditions. 2nd : quality of shoes.
  • Made in USA and made exceptionally well.
  • Colorado made, but also comfortable and cute.
  • Comfort and usability.
  • American made, durability, and comfort.
  • They are great. They are comfortable, go with any style and have eliminated back pain after running.
  • I like the quality, comfort and look.
  • Awesomeness.
  • Look great, feel great!
  • Fits my MCP big toe joint that is bigger and painful from an injury, sesamoiditis and gout!
  • Originally, because they are made in USA and looked to be quality shoes. I'm ordering a second pair because I enjoyed the first so much--really helped minimize back pain.
  • Thanks for continuing to make the best pair of shoes on the planet! I choose SOM because you make excellent quality shoes that are comfy, amazing customer service, and are based in Colorado (Durango native here).
  • They are flat, my feet don't hurt, and made by a domestic company.
  • Best shoes ever!!!
  • My 1st pair are amazingly comfortable, good looking and well made.
  • Found the brand by searching wide toe box; buying again because they are awesome!
  • The only shoe that fits.
  • High quality, good looking, and comfortable footwear! Also, made in USA gives SOM the edge... in my book!
  • Excellent customer service...and a damn nice pair of all-around footwear!
  • My first pair is the best pair of shoes I have ever had! Don't know why but they remind of my childhood - maybe they remind me of walking barefoot :)
  • Best shoes made.
  • Comfort and lightweight.
  • Wide, nice, solid, flat.
  • Love my first SOM shoes, though since they are not cotton my feet sweat in them, so I’m saving those for colder weather and buying these new ones. I have foot problems and require zero drop wide shoes.
  • Love the natural fit and feel and quality.
  • American made originally and read about your product and thought I'd try them.... Great service, great shoes and great company! Waiting for new styles to come and short anklet socks to try ;-)
  • Comfortable, long lasting, cute.
  • I have foot issues, Hallux Rigidus and Minimus and I wear Correct Toes. Only Rx Crocs and SOM fit and suit
  • Well made product.
  • Love the fit, their look and that they are made in USA!
  • Comfort, style - people stop me daily and ask about my SOMs!
  • My feet are happy!
  • High quality and extremely comfortable.
  • Very comfortable sneakers.
  • Great shoes. Fit well.
  • Loved my first pair. First time following surgery that i can walk without pain.
  • Great shoe.
  • They are comfortable.
  • Looks and functionality.
  • Loved the first pair so Ive bought two more.
  • Love your shoes!
  • Love how they feel!
  • Great shoes.
  • Love the support even as they give me toe room and no heel ride.
  • Love them, ordered a pair for my friend.
  • The design is exactly what I was looking for.
  • They are the most comfortable sneaker I own.
  • I love the wide toe box, I wear them everywhere and have little hip pain. Before I started wearing SOMs, I had off-and-on hip pain for years.
  • Because they are GREAT shoes!!
  • They are a perfect fit for my sore feet.
  • I've owned five pairs of Norwoods and I haven't been disappointed yet.
  • I like the barefoot feeling.
  • After the first pair, would not buy anything else.
  • Shoe lover. And like the wide toe. Am a PE teacher so I want my shoe to last all day long. When you teach PE its kinda hard to be stylish so these shoes help!
  • Love the shoes.
  • Love them.
  • Comfortable shoes.
  • Love these shoes make my feet happy!
  • 4th pair - I haven't bought any other brand in 3 years.
  • I liked my daughter's shoes, comfort.



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