Sense of Community

SOM Footwear is proud to have been making shoes in Montrose, Colorado since 2014. American made shoes make stronger feet.

Since 2014, our shoe factory in Montrose, Colorado has been providing barefoot-feel comfort to feet all over the world. With a talented team of seamstresses, shoemakers, and office workers, SOM Footwear strives to strengthen people's sense of motion through healthy, environmentally conscious footwear.

Colorado Inspired

Footwear made in Colorado that allows your feet to strengthen as they explore the beautful setting that inspired them.

SOM shoes may be barefoot-inspired, but they are heavily influenced by the  stunning scenery in which they are created. From mountain peaks to forest trails, Colorado fuels are passion to deliver versatile, lightweight, durable opportunities for exploration and adventure. Whether you are at work, the store, at home, or on vacation, nature is always waiting, and we manufacture shoes to strengthen your steps so you can enjoy every inch of it.

As a proud member of the Montrose community, we ground ourselves in our small town roots and never lose sight of the personal connections our footwear has helped us reach.

Made Since 2014

Making shoes in Colorado since 2014

Making shoes in America for so many years will teach you new things every day. Experience and experimentation have grown our factory and evolved our shoes to places we never could've imagined. We challenge ourselves to never stop moving, putting the lessons from the past and feedback from the present into every design for the future.

Handmade Under One Roof

Every pair of SOMs is hand made in America

We design, cut, sew, shape, sole, lace, and box every pair of SOMs. Our hands are always involved, and our eyes are ever-present for quality assurance. If we spot something wrong, it is fixed or restarted no matter how far along it is in the process. We want you to be as proud to buy American-made as we are to make it.

Have you ever seen a shoe factory?

Visit, tour, and shop at an American-made shoe factory

We invite you to visit us, whether you live in the Montrose county area or are visiting from out-of-town. We have an outlet store where you can try on our latest models, and we also provide factory tours. If you've ever wondered what it takes to turn fabric and stitching into footwear that climbs mountains and runs marathons, this is your opportunity to see the process and meet our team of fabricators.

We are open Monday through Thursday, 9am to 5pm.

If you are visiting from a distance, please email us at before your visit to ensure we are here.

We can also schedule larger groups for factory tours, please send us an email to schedule a time.


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