3 Epic Walking Adventures (Dragon's Back, West Coast Trail, Looking Glass Rock)

These 3 new epic walking destinations will transport you and your SOMs to ancient lands of forests, mountains, and beaches. From tracing the coast along the spine of a dragon to exploring the sailing routes of trade ships to gazing at miles of endless Appalachian mountains, there are stories to be written in our footwear and hiking trails ready for your adventure.

Dragon’s Back, Hong Kong- 5.28 miles (8.5 km)

If you want to see the ocean along either side of your path, then the Dragon's Back in Hong Kong is for you.

“The last leg of the Hong Kong Trail, this meandering path on the ridge of Dragon’s Back is widely hailed as one of Hong Kong’s best urban hikes. Besides its attractive name, Dragon’s Back has a sightseeing platform near its peak that provides truly spectacular views of southern Hong Kong Island and its shoreline. Right at the trail’s end is Big Wave Bay. Take a dip or surf the waves for a relaxing finale to this hike.” (www.discoverhongkong.com)

“Easily reached by bus from downtown Hong Kong, the path begins in a shady tree tunnel on the Shek O Road, before scaling Shek O Peak, with vistas over white sandy beaches, lush hills and tropical islands. The route ends at the beach at Big Wave Bay, its warm waters perfect for a post-hike dip.” (www.cnn.com/travel)

West Coast Trail, Vancouver Island- 47 miles (75 km)

If you’re looking for a hiking adventure that offers more than a pathway to follow, the West Coast Trail involves “scaling ladders, wading through rivers and battling along muddy tracks, but with the bonus of being able to camp out in spectacular open country.” (www.cnn.com/travel)

“West Coast Trail is part of the ancient paths and paddling routes used for trade and travel by first nations. Huuay-aht, Ditidaht, and Pacheedaht villages and camps were well established before the foreign sailing ships started to arrive off this coast over 200 years ago. As the years passed and the number of ships sailing the Juan de Fuca Strait increased, so too did the number of shipwrecks and drownings along the coast. In time, the coastline became known as “the Graveyard of the Pacific.” (www.pc.gc.ca)

This hike isn’t just for the legs and feet, but with over 100 ladders to climb and hip-deep waters to push through, your entire body will get a workout, so be prepared for a challenge. Luckily, a pair of lightweight, water-repellent SOM sneakers like our Nutrail Cross Sport or Trailhead are up to any outdoor, wet and wild adventure your feet can throw at them.

Looking Glass Rock, North Carolina- 5.43 miles (8.74 km)

One of the prettiest hikes in the Tar Heel State at any time of the year. While some hiking destinations can be less accessible during the winter months, this one is even better, with stunning views of the Appalachian Mountains.

“This is a really nice, moderately difficult hike along a cascading creek, up switchbacks, and through wildflower fields. A couple miles in, you'll reach a helipad that is used for rescuing injured rock climbers - Looking Glass Rock is a popular destination for world class climbing. There is a small trail leading away from the helipad with nice views of the lower cliffs.” (www.theoutbound.com)

Dense forests surround you, and far away vistas capture the immense beauty of rolling mountains.

Find your Escape

Explore the world and get lost in comfortable shoes

Escape is where walks take us–away from the noise and rushing of everyday routines and into a steady pace of collective clarity. Whether a path places you between coastlines, transports amongst forest ladders and rushing rivers, or wraps you in mountain vistas, the restorative effects found in a walk, no matter its distance, will last long after its over.

Wherever your feet take you, at home or abroad, trails etch our world in opportunities for adventure, and SOM Footwear will treat your feet to American-made quality that strengthens those adventures with every step.

What adventures have you been on?

Share Your Adventure

Have you been on an epic adventure or have a trail we should feature on our next list? We will highlight a new set of three walking destinations in future blogs, so share your stories and pictures at somteam@somfootwear.com and they might feature in our next collection.

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