A Shoe For Everyone

By: Olie Marchal

It is time for me, the owner of SOM Footwear to answer a question that we are frequently asked- What are your shoes for? Where do you take your tennis shoes? What do you do with your sneakers?

SOM owner Olie Marchal sits atop a mountain in his favorite sneakers.

Well, to be honest with you and as the main shoemaker of this company, I make myself a new pair of shoes after the previous pair falls completely apart from hard wear. And this is the only pair of shoes that I wear 7 days a week.

The first reason is because they keep my posture natural (because of their flat sole aka zero drop, I stand in my shoes the exact same way I'd stand barefoot: naturally). They also have a wide toe box so my toes can rest in their natural position too, instead of being cramped and restricted.

I wear them every day at work. Right now my work consists of being on my two feet working behind our shoe making machines between 8-10 hours per day.

Also, because they are very light (7 oz.) and flexible I wear that exact same pair of shoes for almost all of my favorite activities- both active and casual.

Like quite a few of our customers, I trail run in them on rough Rocky Mountain trails. I know they don't have the same look as that of other minimalist running shoes on the market (especially those made in China) but they work the same or are even more natural for your feet. As I run in them, I barely feel them! See the SOM Footwear story below-


I also do Crossfit in them. Another great feature and benefit of the Vibram flat sole is that they provide outstanding stability. Good foot stability is extremely important when lifting weights. Some of the exercises that I think they really excel in include dead lifts, back squats and over head presses. For burpees and muscle ups, their light weight definitely helps!

But I think the most important thing about a pair of shoes is not what you do with them, but how you "feel" in them. I haven't designed my shoes for a very specific activity but to make our customers feel good. The result being that if you feel good on your feet you'll feel like doing a lot more great activities. Activities don't have to be extreme... just make you feel good and enjoy being on your feet!

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