The Yogi & Yogini Gift Guide (Made in America, of course!)

Does your yoga apparel need a little refreshing? This holiday season, we are loving these American made brands.

For men-

Whether you're into the "broga" scene, Pilates, or another group workout class, make sure you do it in style. We've put together a rad outfit that is 100% made in the USA.

Yoga clothes for men made in America.

Travel Mat from Jade Yoga $59.95. Jade Yoga's Travel mat is perfect for you guessed it, traveling! It's also great for those who appreciate a better ground feel while practicing yoga. We love Jade Yoga because their eco-friendly mats are made from natural rubber versus others made with PVC, EVA or other synthetic rubbers. They will also plant a tree every time a mat is sold!

The Men's Practice Top from Anjali $44. The Men's Practice Top is great for yoga and can also withstand more intense activities like running and hiking. We love Anjali for the simple fact that they make yoga apparel for both men AND women!

The Men's Yoga Short from Anjali $59. The Men's Yoga Short is made with eco-friendly soy, organic cotton and spandex jersey. Anjali's soy fabric is so soft and luxurious that it's considered "nature's cashmere"!

Nag-iisa Stars Sneaker from SOM Footwear $118. The Nag-iisa sneaker by SOM Footwear can be worn to the yoga studio or while practicing (preferred by customers who practice yoga in nature). With a wide toe box, zero drop, and soft flexible sole it's easy to stay grounded no matter where you are.

Spin Steel 24oz Water Bottle from Polar Bottle $11.99. The Spin Steel Water Bottle is insulated to keep your drink colder longer during your workout. Polar Bottles are BPA free made in our home state of Colorado (in Boulder).

For women-

Ladies, we all like to look good while we practice yoga. Here is a cute American made outfit that we put together.

Yoga apparel for women made in the usa.

French Terry Tank from Jala Clothing $36. The French Terry Tank is luxuriously soft and silky and flattering for any body type. Jala Clothing is a fellow member of the Yoga Alliance and offers great discounts to all YA members.

Cut Legging from Jala Clothing $84. Jala's Cut Leggings (in Charcoal) are unique because every pair is hand dyed and cut in their Los Angeles, California factory. No two pairs will be the same, and we think that makes for some really cool wearable art!

Eco-rich Yoga Mat from Hugger Mugger $34.95. The Eco-rich Yoga Mat gets it's super sticky texture from the plant based oils that make up up to half of the mat material. The mat will help you feel grounded whether you are practicing at the studio or in the great outdoors.

Nag-iisa Gypsy Sneaker from SOM Footwear $118. The Nag-iisa Gypsy sneaker is so lightweight and comfortable that you might forget you're wearing them. The wide toe box and zero drop give you a close to earth feel and allow you to spread your toes to stay grounded during your practice and everyday activities.

Hipster Snowperson Water Bottle from Nalgene $10.99. The Hipster Snowperson water bottle was just too dang cute to not be included! Nalgene water bottles are BPA free and are super easy to clean. I've been using mine for camping and everyday use for years and it's hard to resist buying a new color whenever one catches my eye!


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