How to rock sneakers all winter long

Winter is coming and a lot of people are wondering how our sneakers perform in the cold. In some areas, big clunky snow boots are inevitable but in other regions (including Montrose, Colorado where our factory is located) you can totally get away with sneakers year round. The SP-L3 is worn by our staff all winter long for just about everything (except for activities like snowshoeing, skiing, and ice climbing, of course).

The American made SP-L3 is winterized and is a great sneaker for the snow.

There are a few key features of the SP-L3 that make them more "winterized" than your standard sneaker or casual shoe.

The SP-L3 is great for snow and slush during the winter.Our WeatherMAX65 upper (Pinyon Green and Yellow models) is our highest rated weatherproof material. The HydroMAX finish raises the bar of hydrostatic performance and delivers unsurpassed water repellency without using coating compounds that are harmful to the environment. The other fabric option for the SP-L3 is Cordura (Black models) which also provides exceptional water-resistant performance.

Both fabrics offer excellent protection from the elements, without compromising breathability. 

American spun viscose bamboo lining make this sneaker comfortable and cozy for winter.For those in colder climates, a Viscose Bamboo Lining can be added to the SP-L3. This bamboo provides a soft, comfortable lining that your feet will be sure to love! It has excellent wicking abilities and is naturally antimicrobial.

The Vibram non-slip soles will give you a boost of confidence as you navigate snow-covered sidewalks and icy parking lots. (Always use caution, of course. No one is invincible!)

Our shoes are sewn and glued for maximum durability.Our bonded seams along the bottom of the shoes are both glued and stitched to prevent water, snow, slush or mud from entering the shoe. The shoe does remain lightweight and flexible to maintain the comfort level we are known for. 


Shop 'til you drop! Whether you're hitting the shopping mall or your favorite shops downtown, the SP-L3s will not only keep your feet warm and dry, but happy too! Because our shoes have a wide toe box, the shape of our sole compliments the natural shape of your foot, providing you with maximum comfort.

No matter how you commute- driving, flying, public transportation, cycling, walking, hopping, skipping- you want happy feet while you do it!

"I love my SOM's. I live in them. I just ordered another pair. (-:

Great for walking, three miles to work and back. Great for working out. Great for driving."

-G.C. - Norman, OK

After a hard day on the slopes, we all look forward to taking off those cramped, rigid boots! Don't just put on another cramped pair of shoes for the drive home. Slip into a comfortable pair of SOMs and grab a brew! Our wide toe box and lightweight design will bring relief to your aching feet as you recover. Our shoes are also Correct Toes compatible if you're looking to reverse the effects of squeezing your toes for so long.

Beautiful cozy cabin tucked away in the mountains.

Show off your American pride by showing up to holiday parties in your favorite Colorado made sneakers. And speaking of Colorado, you can also kick back and relax at the cabin with these lightweight and packable shoes. Our fans say that they are so comfortable they feel like slippers.

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