Colorado Made Sneakers to Fit Your Lifestyle

SOM sneakers may be barefoot inspired, but they are also heavily influenced by the environment in which they were created: the stunning scenery of Colorado.  First crafted in the small town of Norwood in southwest Colorado, these minimalist sneakers take their cues from the people, lands, and lifestyle of the area.  

Colorado Playground, Colorado Sneakers

A closer look shows the qualities shared by both state and sneakers:

  • Durability. SOMs are manufactured in our Montrose, Colorado shoe factory with views of the San Juan mountains from our doorway.  They are built to match that tough and rugged terrain of the Rockies using high quality and durable materials.  Plus when they begin to wear down, SOMs' mileage can be extended with a resoling.
  • Versatility. From our mountains, to sand dunes, to desert canyons, Colorado’s playground knows no boundaries—and neither do our shoes.  Meant to take your feet wherever they are headed, SOMs are just as much at home hitting the trail as they are joining for après-ski drinks.

SOMs relaxing

  • Wide Open Spaces. Over 35% of Colorado is public land.  We really appreciate our open spaces...and so do our toes.  SOMs give your toes room to spread out and really be who they were meant to be.  Happy toes keep you more comfortable, grounded, and moving more naturally. 
Colorado made sneaker
  • Mixing Work and Play. A casual sneaker that can still pass for an office shoe?  Sounds like the kind of work/life balance we can get behind.  Having so much recreation available just down the road means that what starts as a day in the office can easily end down a dirt road.  SOM sneakers make that transition seamlessly and leave no room for excuses.

Colorado made sneakers


SOM Footwear is proud to have all our operations based in our home state and enjoy a lifestyle that encourages us to explore and appreciate the natural beauty around us.  We are also proud to produce sneakers that fit the Colorado lifestyle like, well, your favorite pair of shoes.  

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