Great News!

Hello, loyal supporters, we have several things going on at SOM Footwear we wanted to tell you about. First of all…

The SOM Team can’t wait to tell you the greatest news of the week (or maybe even the month or the year!)

          SOM Footwear logo. Designed and made in the USA.

We are pleased to announce that the SENSE OF MOTION Footwear trademark has been registered officially. Yea! The long process was making us very nervous as to whether we would need to make changes to our name and logo sometime in the future.

Some of you might know that finding a name for a company is a very trying and puzzling task. Every appropriate name seems to have been registered already, it doesn’t feel right, or does not properly describe the product. Then, when you think you have it right, the process can often take longer than establishing your shoe factory in your own town.

 (To learn about the road blocks click here. SOM News January Patience is Virtue)

With this being accomplished, there is no need for us to have to change the website, the logo, the stamping machine, the social media, letterhead, business card, etc… 

Our fashion sneakers are really made to help people rediscover their original sense of motion and their name was meant to be. 

Trademarking, yet another chapter closing in the SOM story. 

In respect of French tradition, we cheered on with champagne!    


SOM-o Survey 

We have started to survey our SOM-o or SOM footwear customers who have bought a pair of our fashion sneakers in the past 15 weeks. The preliminary results of the survey make us confident that we have an awesome sneaker people love. So we keep holding on and “PR-ding” as much as we can!

The Excitement Builds

Our shoes were just reviewed by Barefoot Inclined, a blog pertaining to minimalist lifestyle and healthy living. The blog reflected that the evaluator had loved the shoes and also was impressed with the fact that Olivier Marchal couldn’t find the type of shoe he was looking for, so he created it. 

 Although Sense of Motion Footwear is a casual sneaker, the evaluator loved the SP-L as hiking shoes and found that he could use them as a running shoe as well; performing better than some of the running shoes he had tried in the past. He also stated that he now grabs them as a casual shoe as they were so comfortable and light weight, leaving his other shoes at home.

The review on the construction and quality of the footwear was very impressive as well. The evaluator commented on the breathability and ability of the footwear to shed water well due to the Weather Max 65, Cordura, and mesh materials used in the construction of the footwear. The roominess of the toe box, while still fitting snuggly on the evaluator’s feet, was impressive to him. Comments were also made about the quality of the Vibram sole, while maintaining a barefoot, ground feel., a site that reviews and recommends minimalist foot wear, has reviewed the site and written a snippet about SOM Footwear. Like Barefoot Inclined, they were impressed with the materials used to construct the sneakers. They are currently in the process of reviewing an actual pair of our footwear.

NaturalFootgear, a company who highlights and promotes quality footgear, with conservative care strategies in mind has requested a pair of our shoes for evaluation. They review and certify shoes providing natural foot shape, with respect to foot anatomy, and durability beneficial to long term foot health. We are currently waiting to hear how their evaluation of our casual footwear goes and if they meet the strict criteria set forth to bear the certification of Natural Footgear by providing optimal foot health to those who wear them. 

The team is also anxiously waiting to hear how Modern Hiker and Real Run Ryan have evaluated our product as well. We will keep you updated on the results. They may love our shoes or find room for improvement. No matter, the SOM Team will keep finding ways to improve our footwear to keep you loving them.

Healthy Benefits 

It is very astonishing to realize that there are many benefits to our footwear that we were not aware of. The wide toe box allows toes to spread in a natural manner, aiding the prevention of issues from wearing tight shoes, such as bunions, arthritis, capsulitis, and hammer toes. The breathable material also can help with problems due to hyperhidrosis. The insole is removable and can accommodate orthotic insoles. 

Kickstarter Campaign 

Despite all the effort everyone has put into this, it doesn’t seem like the Kickstarter campaign will kick as wished. We want to thank everyone for your active support. 

The Plus

There are more people who are aware of our footwear now than before our kickstarter campaign began. We have reached over 10, 000 magazines and writers that may pick up our story at some point in the future. There are more bloggers reviewing our products and new ones contacting us every day. There are health care professionals excited to learn about us and that we can serve their clientele with our American made roomy toe box zero drop fashion sneakers.

Opening of our outlet store 

We are opening our outlet store Friday, December 5, 2014 from noon until six for the second time. The purpose of our outlet store is to offer the chance to purchase our “seconds” at a discounted price and our regular inventory as well. This will also get the local public more familiar with our product and name. So come and see us at 1006 N Cascade Ave.

As you can see things are happening at SOM Footwear and we are progressing in the right direction. We still have a long way to go, but things are looking up.

The SOM Team is very excited that we are receiving such a great response to our footwear and our reviews are better than we had hoped for. People like footwear shaped like feet!

Keep watching our site as our team is hard at work designing more styles to suite your special style and needs.

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