Can you believe it is already February? Spring will be here before you know it!

Here is what's been going on at SOM-

“I’m a fan!”

Modern Hiker- Southern California’s oldest and most read hiking blog- recently reviewed our shoes. Two reviewers put our shoes to the test in backcountry adventures. 

The shoes impressed both reviewers, who both admitted to being skeptical before trying them on. After hiking in them (one reviewer put 40 miles on them already!) they both said that they are comfortable and versatile- great for short hikes and runs (3-6 miles) or running errands around town.

Click here to read the full review!  

Speaking of fans, have you checked out our Testimonials page lately?! Every day we receive fan mail from customers all over the world letting us know how much they love their SOMs! So much so, that we are considering creating a SOMo (SOM owner) fan group so you can all share your adventures with one another. 

We truly appreciate all of your feedback. I can’t tell you how happy it makes the SOM team to get a call from a customer, just letting us know how much they love what we are doing and how much our shoes have helped them!

What We’re Reading

Dr. Nick Campitelli
We recently stumbled across a great blog by podiatrist Dr. Nick Campitelli called Dr. Nick's Running Blog. We are really excited to read about and learn from his studies. One post that may be of particular interest to our fans is a case study about a woman who switched from rigid running shoes to minimalist shoes. Whether you are a runner or walker, it’s eye opening to see the damage traditional shoes are doing to our bodies, and how we hardly notice until you free your feet with a “minimalist” shoe or one with a roomy toe box.

We’ve been coming across more and more research that shows just how much of an effect our shoes have on our feet, and it makes us really proud of our product and how much relief it brings to our customers. 

Over time, your shoes can act as a cast, reforming your feet.

In The Media
The Montrose Mirror has written a great story about our Outlet Store in this week’s edition! The article discusses the reasons we decided to open the outlet, and what it is bringing to the community. You can read the article here

Nathalie in the Outlet Store. Photo by Clay Greathouse, Montrose Mirror.

SOM is now available in Grand Junction!

SOM Footwear has been receiving a lot of attention from the media in Grand Junction, CO lately! People in the Grand Valley have been so excited to try out our shoes that they have been making special trips to Montrose just to get their hands on them!

Because of this high demand, we have decided to sell our sneakers at Shoe Design on Main St. in Grand Junction. To celebrate, SOM creators Olie and Nathalie hosted a “Meet the Creators” event at Shoe Design on Feb. 6th. We had a great turn out, and people from all over the Grand Valley made the trip out to meet SOM and check out our shoes!

Future Goals

Our online sales are booming! Our goal for the upcoming months is to be in more brick and mortar stores in the region. We are looking to expand into Durango, Denver/Boulder and Moab as soon as possible! If you would like to see SOM in a store near you, give us a holler! Send us an email at 

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner!

Break away from the traditional gifts of chocolate and flowers this year! Stand out and surprise your valentine with a new pair of SOMs! Have a picky partner? Get them a gift certificate and let them pick out their own gift.

Montrose fans- our Outlet Store will be open this Friday 2/13 for all of your last minute Valentine’s Day needs! We will be offering a special deal on select models- buy two pairs for $180 (originally $99/pair). Buy a pair for your valentine, and treat yourself too! The Outlet is located at 1006 N. Cascade in Montrose, CO and will be open from 9am-5pm. 

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