Feels like a slipper. Moves like a sneaker.

So much news, so little time! We introduce you to our latest sneaker and say goodbye to a couple classics. New aweSOMe socks are on the way, plus two new surveys and an exciting contest where you could win a gift basket full of goodies. What a busy summer this is turning out to be!

The Nutrail, our Newest and Most Comfortable Sneaker!

The Nutrail is SOM's most comfortable, minimalist sneaker to date, with flexiblity, durabilty, and vibrant style made in the USA

If you’ve ever dreamed of doing your favorite activity in a pair of comfortable slippers, Olie, our shoemaker, has made your dreams a reality. Our latest SOM model brings flexibility of motion to a new level of freedom with a revolutionary lacing system that holds onto your feet without tying them down.

Along with maximum comfort and minimum weight, the Nutrail brings a revolving door of limited-edition looks designed by a local artist, Dylan Newberry. Our launching look is called Hayloft Blue and showcases an array of intersecting blue lines stretched across a black backdrop. This innovative, 100% cotton ripstop fabric, produced in the USA with environmentally friendly ink and processes, introduces the ability for rotating colors and patterns. Over the course of the Nutrail’s life, new looks will be revealed and old ones will be retired, making each version a limited edition. To never miss out on the latest reveal, follow us on social media to stay up-to-date.

To read more about how the Nutrail feels to relax, walk, or run a marathon, please visit our announcement blog here for more information on this exciting new addition to the SOM family.

A New Sock Design

With our Nutrails on the way, it’s only fitting that a fresh new design of socks should join our latest model of shoe. Made by our friends at Save Our Soles in Westminster, Colorado, these merino wool, red and gray “AweSOMe Socks” will be on our website soon, so check back often to secure for your feet the coolest socks in the Rockies!

SOM Socks Spring 2021

Two New Surveys and One Amazing Contest

The Customers' Story Survey

We are happy to announce our “Customer’s Story” survey and giveaway for all repeat customers! During the month of June and July, customers who have purchased two or more pairs of SOMs will have the opportunity to tell us a little more about themselves and earn a chance to win fantastic prizes in the process. By completing this new survey, not only will we get to know you better, which improves our ability to serve your needs but, as a thank you for participating, you will be entered into a giveaway to win a basket stuffed with Colorado-made products valued at over $75. Submitting the finished survey will give you one entry, and emailing us a picture of you doing your favorite activity in your SOMs will DOUBLE your chances. Please send your picture to somteam@somfootwear.com with the subject line, "Survey Giveaway".

Surveys and pictures should be submitted by July 25, 2021. On July 30th, five lucky participants will be drawn (one basket per winner), and their names will be announced on our social media. We will contact each winner individually and, if we don't hear from the winner within two days the prize will be forfeited and a new name will be drawn. We wish you all the best of luck and can’t wait to learn more about our amazing customers!

In addition to this limited-time survey, we have also revamped the web confirmation survey for new and repeat customers that appears each time an order is placed. The information provided in this survey is precious to our continued growth, and we are grateful for the time you take to help us improve.

The new web confirmation survey

Retiring the HiLite

As the sun rises on a new shoe model, so too must it set on our sky blue mid-tops. The original HiLites in blue retired at the beginning of May and are no longer in production. So, if you’ve thought about picking up the blue and your size is still listed as available, don’t wait any longer. Once a size is gone, it won’t be coming back, so scoop up your pair today! Please note that the HiLites in Black are still available.

Norwood in Black Canvas Sold Out

The month of May also marked the final goodbye of a classic. The last pair of the retired Norwood in Black Canvas found itself a new home, officially putting the model at “sold out” status and removing it from our storefront. Norwoods in Black Canvas have been a part of SOM for many years, and for those of you lucky enough to own a pair, we hope you continue to enjoy the style and comfort of this truly unique canvas shoe.

Local Event and Prize Recipient

SOM Footwear attending a Montrose Chamber of Commerce event to shop our future products

We were happy to join the Greater Montrose Chamber of Commerce for their grand opening event this May. The best party in town! We like to use public gatherings to test upcoming products, and this event was no exception. This time, we displayed two different patterns of our, at the time, future new model: The Nutrail. We allowed the local community to vote on their favorite colors and patterns, and as a thank you, participants were entered into a drawing. The winner of this one was J. Gorrono from Montrose, Colorado for a $50 gift certificate. Congratulations! And thank you for sharing your thoughts!

Past Blogs:

We use our blog to elaborate on questions we receive on a regular basis. Many conversations inspire us to delve deeper into specific topics. Below is a list of our most recent posts. You can find the complete list here.

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We love epic pictures

Your pictures bring smiles to our work day! Whether they’re related to the shoes or not, you are part of our SOM community, and we appreciate any chance you give us to share in SOMe parts of your life! Thank you for taking the time to send us your photos and please keep them coming!

Sometimes, the shoes don't need to be in the picture!

The shoes are turning 7 at the end of July, a big thank you for your years of support.


Thank you for your support all those years.

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  • Just received my Mens Size 10 Nutrails a few days ago. Great looking, versatile style, true to size, very comfortable. Plenty of room in the forefoot and allow me to walk naturally, with a relaxed, almost barefoot (but protected) feeling. Breathability of the ripstop cotton uppers should be a big plus, as I find most synthetic uppers to feel hot, sweaty and constricting. Very pleased to have discovered Made-in-USA (and in CO, which is even better) SOM Footwear, after searching for an authentic, purpose-driven domestic atheletic shoe manufacturer without marketing BS.


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