July News: A New Version of the Nutrail Cross Sport and Few Reminders.

This month we’ll keep it light and easy to read in contrast to the heavy heat most of us are experiencing all across the world! The version two of our beloved Cross Sport model is making its debut and has already attracted quite a bit of attention just on its look!  And join us as we will be making a toast to SOM’s 9th year anniversary!

The Nutrail Cross Sport is retiring, but…

It is time for the Nutrail Cross Sport to retire and yield to its successor, the NS2.

Introducing the Nutrail Cross Sport 2 NS2 in black or gray active sneaker.

We are thrilled to introduce the NS2, which comes in black or gray. It’s always fun to have our production line moving along with a new model. We created the NS2 by combining the best features of the Nutrail Air and the Nutrail Cross Sport.

The NS2 has the same durable, breathable, and water-repellent SuperFabric. You'll have two options to choose from; black or gray... or both if you wish. It has an additional strip of TPU film in front of the lacing system, like the Nutrail Air. The two holes on the side of the shoes have been removed to provide increased resistance to abrasion.

Some of you who like to skateboard in your SOMs brought this to our attention, mentioning that the mesh tended to wear faster in those holes as you practice your skills on the skateboard. The Nutrail Cross Sport NS2 is all about comfort and durability. 

We also added a TPU film under the lace band to increase adhesion and a green stitch for even more durability and a more sporty look.

The SOM label on the side of the shoe is now green to add a nice touch.

NS2 Black Nutrail Cross Sport 2 in black

We want the NS2 to be your most durable, toughest, longest-lasting, yet very comfortable active barefoot-style sneaker you can take anywhere. No corners are cut here. Don't hesitate to take them to the park, to the gym, on the trails, on the skateboard, don't worry if they get wet; they won't mind.

NS2 Featured changes

As a launching price, the NS2 is at $169 until July 31st instead of the regular price of $179. Don't wait - order your pair of NS2 today to be the first to receive them.

9th Anniversary Celebrations

SOM Footwear's 9th anniversary is coming up, and we wanted to remind you about it. If you are in our area, we'd love to see you at our celebration this coming Thursday, the 27th of July, to share some locally-made cake, beer from local breweries, and local wine (LaNoue DuBois) and liquors (Storm King Distillery). The party will be from 11 AM until 5 PM ish at the SOM Shoe Factory at 1006 N. Cascade Ave. in Montrose, CO. 

Please RSVP or write us a note here.

We hope you'll make it and look forward to seeing you. 

Celebrate 9th years with us.

It is important to hear from you

If there is something we are grateful for, it is when a customer tells us that there is something off with the shoes. This is precious information that we can only learn from you. This incredible relationship has allowed us to improve our products through the years and increase the number of our repeat customers who are delighted to return because the products get better and better. Fortunately we receive many more positive testimonials than problems about the shoes. Nevertheless, it is important to remind you that we stand behind our shoes and we are here to listen

Simply write us an email (somteam@somfootwear.com) if there is a problem we should know about.  But if you are pleased with your SOMs, spread the joy on Google or on our website.

The Winners’ Giveaways are…

Each newsletter brings new winners who will receive quality American-made items tailored specifically to each participant. A value pack of $25+ that we take time to tailor to each winner! This month’s giveaway survey winners are:

  1. J. Everett, Lochbuie, CO
  2. J. Haag, Cle Elum, WA
  3. S.Cerny, Westchester, IL

Among the special wishes this time, we had to be creative for a vintage fly fishing pole and Ford Bronco. More on that next month.

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