November Newsletter: Giveaway Winners, NEW Headbands, and Katy Bowman's Whole Body Barefoot

Even though Turkey Day has passed and holiday music has consumed the radio stations, join us for a November Newsletter stuffed with heaping helpings of giving and thanks. We announce our monthly giveaway winners, highlight new headbands and Katy Bowman's book Whole Body Barefoot just in time for the gift-giving season, and spotlight a local business whose products change lives.

Monthly Giveaway Winners

Congratulations to our 3 Survey Winners for October!

  • Alexander Larsen
  • Mario Mariotta
  • Lauren Wicks

They recently bought a pair of SOMs and completed our 2-minute survey with contact information to be placed into our monthly drawing for a fantastic bundle of Made-in-America items!

customer survey about quality colorado-made footwear

We will announce 3 NEW WINNERS every newsletter so stay tuned!

New Multi-purpose Headband and Minimalist Book for Sale

headband for the gym

We recently launched our first multi-purpose headband before Thanksgiving, and the response has been so overwhelming, we only have a couple left. Whether as a neck gaiter, a ski mask, a hair tie, a scarf, or a bandana, this multifunctional headband is just as versatile as our SOM Footwear. We are almost out of this current design run, but we are working on a new design to release before the holidays, so follow us on social media so you don’t miss out!

Whole Body Barefoot by Katy Bowman on Sale

Whole Body Barefoot by Katy Bowman

We also added some reading material to our catalog: Whole Body Barefoot. Biomechanist Katy Bowman lays out the issues created by conventional shoes and artificial environments, and describes in detail the steps necessary to transition to more natural footwear safely and effectively.

With over 20 exercises (with photos and step-by-step instructions) this book is a must-have for anyone hoping to restore lost foot function and improve their health…naturally!

You can pick up your copy here.

Business Spotlight: TheraTogs, Making Life-changing Products In Colorado!

TheraTogs makes orthotic undergarments and strapping products that give individuals with sensorimotor impairment a highly effective modality for improving postural alignment and stability, movement skill and precision, and joint stability.

TheraTogs makes orthotic undergarments and strapping products that give individuals with sensorimotor impairment a highly effective modality for improving postural alignment and stability, movement skill and precision, and joint stability.

Not only do they make their products in Colorado, but they are our literal next-door neighbors, which is so incredible!

We have recently begun assisting them with extra sewing work, and our team is proud to join the effort of such a great company who helps thousands of kids (and adults) in 54 different countries. By working together, we reduce the overall environmental footprint with less shipping between manufacturing steps.

Recent Reviews

Check out what recent fans of SOM are saying, and if you have a chance, leaving a review not only lets us hear from you, but your feedback helps reach new customers as well:

"Let me first say that I absolutely love my SOM shoes! Seriously the most comfortable pair of shoes I have ever owned. My feet, legs, and back are never sore after getting used to them! I got rid of my other new balance shoes because I realized I didn't need all of that extra padding!" -R.R. of Arlington Heights, IL, November 2022

"I use them to workout in. They are very comfortable, extremely light and the only flat thin-soled shoe I own... I purchased them in an effort to support an American-based company and glad I did." -T. of Newport RI, November 2022

"I am loving the comfort of my SOM Hilite shoes! The wide toe box surprised me a little at first but now I have worn the shoes a few weeks it is obvious why they are built with this feature. I use them for irrigation and don't have to ruin my leather boots! The materials for these shoes dries quickly and isn't damaged by water. Plus they are great for all the active stuff around my farm. I find myself jogging/running because they are so light and not clunky like work boots." -J.H. of Casper, WY, November 2022

Previous Blogs

We use our blog to elaborate on questions we receive on a regular basis. Many conversations inspire us to delve deeper into specific topics. Below is a list of our most recent posts. You can find the complete list here.

walking vacations in minimalist footwear
zero drop, barefoot-feet, made in america, wide toe-box footwear


  • Dale,
    Thank you for your kind words. We can’t be happier to know that your SOMs are serving you so well! Your score is impressive!

  • I walked 5 miles 55 times, in a hour and a half, while playing 18 holes of golf this summer at age 61 with my SOM’s. I had experienced more and more hip pain the last couple of years while and after golfing. This year none!!!
    Also, great customer service. I experienced heel blisters after first wearing them, after being asked a series of questions, the simple solution was turned out to be loosen the lacing. 200+ miles later, never another issue. Cant wait for next summers golf season with my SOM’s.

    Dale Kostur

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