Innovative SOM

SOM Footwear's roomy toe box allows natural foot function.
Rediscover your original sense of motion. You may not notice how much traditional shoes squish your feet into an unnatural position. Our roomy toe box and zero drop allow your feet to maintain a natural position, mimicking the feeling of being barefoot and thus improving your posture and balance. Our customers always say our shoes are so comfortable that "once you experience SOM, it's hard to wear anything else!"

Rediscover your natural Sense of Motion with innovative SOM Footwear

At SOM Footwear, less is more. Experience it for yourself—SOM provides what’s fundamentally important and eliminates the rest. Our elegantly simple design helps customers rediscover their natural, carefree sense of motion. Discover how SOM’s flexible, light-weight shoe comfortably forms to the shape of your foot. Our sneakers offer just enough stability, toe/heel protection and durability for both casual and active use. You won't find any overbuilding or marketing gimmicks here!

SOM shoes encourage a natural gait, which limits the impact of movement on the body. Our designs have been rigorously tested on a variety of surfaces- from sidewalks to rugged terrain in the nearby Rocky Mountains. From casual walkers to competitive athletes- everyone can appreciate SOM Footwear's thoughtful design. 

SOM proudly stands behind its environmentally sensitive production of high-quality products "Made in the USA."

Please note that our sneakers are American standard sizes and are usually true to size. In all cases, we will work with you until you get the perfect fit.

SOM Footwear offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Tech Talk-

Our shoes are:

  • Minimalistic in style and design;
  • Incredibly Comfortable- with a roomy toe box and a slightly more narrow heel- combined with our uniquely designed soles give you a shoe experience that allows your feet the ultimate comfort.
  • The flexibility and stability of being barefoot.
  • While offering the protection and traction of a shoe. 
  • Worry free Perfect Fit Guarantee- If your shoes aren't the perfect fit (sized at American Standard), we will gladly cover shipping on your first exchange at no inconvenience to you.

Our shoes are constructed of materials of superior quality including:

  • Weather Max 65 and CORDURA®- both are incredibly strong, flexible, water resistant and breathable fabrics
  • 3D Mesh- For superior breathability.
  • Pig Skin- for toe box protection and durability.
  • Super comfortable and absorbent EVA insoles; 
  • And the superior quality and durability of Vibram brand soles
  • All our shoes are hand-manufactured, glued and stitched right here in Montrose, CO USA.

SOM Footwear made with WeatherMax65 and Cordura. Made in the USA. SOM Footwear Vibram soles.

The Specs-

Model: SP-L3
Size: American Standard Size 8.5

Weight: 8 oz.
Outsole Thickness: 10mm total (8mm outsole + 2 mm mid-sole)
Soft Sole: Vibram Rubber, lighter and more flexible than firmer sole, keeps it's form- does not compress, at least 1/3 softer than the firmer sole, provides a better grip.

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High quality craftsmanship of SOM Footwear.

To ensure quality, our soles are glued AND stitched to the uppers, allowing them to withstand even the toughest workouts!