Mary Beth Prodromides

Mary Beth Prodromides 4-time World CrossFit Masters Champion

One of CrossFit’s most veteran masters champions, Mary Beth Prodromides is an 8-time CrossFit Games masters athlete and the first woman ever to have earned 5 World CrossFit Masters' Championships. When she's training, she wants a pair of shoes that don't hold her back, and she found her perfect fit in SOM Footwear.


UPDATE: Mary Beth Prodromides is now a 5 TIME World CrossFit Masters Champion!

*UPDATE: You can follow her workout videos and training journey in her SOMs by clicking here and see how she won her 5th Gold Medal.


Mary Beth loves the lightweight flexibility of her SOMs, whether she's in the gym or running errands. They promote natural foot function and stronger, happier feet by improving balance, posture, and blood circulation. SOM shoes give her toes the freedom to breathe and flex, allowing her to push harder and workout longer.

Mary Beth Prodromides is an 8-time CrossFit Games masters athlete and the first woman to have earned 4 World Crossfit Master's Championships. She loves SOM Footwear and trains and live in her SOM shoes.

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4 time world crossfit masters champion Mary Beth Prodromides needs footwear that supports her high-energy workouts, and SOM Footwear's made in America trainers deliver the lightweight flexibity that is perfect for training and for living
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How to be a champion, Mary Beth Prodromides shares her tips for how to acheive you goals in life; if she can do it, you can do it.

SOM's CrossFit advantages:

  • Lightweight- SOMs don't weigh you down during high-intensity training.
  • Flexible- Minimal materials provide a full range of motion from pull-ups to burpees to box jumps.
  • Strength- Barefoot-feel shoes strengthen your feet simply by wearing them.
  • Stability/Balance- Flat, 8mm soles provide level, solid footing when weightlifting.
  • Breathable- The wide toe-box gives toes room to move, and the lightweight materials allow your feet to breathe while the rest of you is sweating.
  • Made in America- Just like Mary Beth, SOM Footwear is COLORADO MADE!
    Mary Beth Prodromides champion crossfit athlete endores SOM Footwear, made in usa shoes, these barefoot-feel sneakers and trainers are the only shoes she'll wear in and outside the gym

    Please note:
    To be coached by Mary Beth, contact her on Instagram @cf_marybeth and Mary Beth Prodromides on Facebook.