Product Specifications

When you try SOM Footwear your first surprise will be its light weight. Then you'll find that there is more room for your toes than most of the shoes on the market, and that's what makes the shoe so very comfortable.

Design updates from before 2018:
Our current models are built with the same qualities found in all SOM shoes: a roomy toe-box, zero-drop sole, & lightweight construction. All models after 2018 offer design improvements, providing increased flexibility and stability, while preserving the same lightweight feel.

Nutrail Lacing System: All the Nutrail models (Cross Sport (NS), Air (NA) Reflect (NR)) offer an innovative lacing system to make the shoes feel lighter on the feet.

MADE IN USA: We are the ONLY sneaker company in Colorado that manufactures ALL of our shoe models right here under the same roof, from raw materials to finished product. VEGAN: NO animal products were used in the making of our shoes.


In brief:

 Outdoor / Indoor / Multi-Activities Trailhead (traditional lacing system)
Nutrail Cross Sport, NS2 Gray or Black
HiLite in Black
Gym Shoe
(Active but no water resistance)
Nutrail Air
Zappy (traditional lacing system)
Urban Activities Norwood Classic
Urban Trekker


NUTRAIL, TRAILHEAD, URBAN TREKKER, and NORWOOD CLASSIC models include these features:

PROFILE: Low ankle profile for better freedom of movement

WIDE TOEBOX: Allows toes to lay in their natural, flat position, offering improved balance, posture, and air-flow


  • 8 mm SOM cup sole made in USA, PU material
  • excellent grip on rocks
  • remarkably soft and flexible for unsurpassed lightweight comfort
  • flat sole (zero drop) from toe to heel for a natural healthy posture
  • Please note: our SOM sole is not available in Men's size 4, 15 and 16; we are not able to provide those sizes at this time


  • 2 mm
  • The Outsole plus the Midsole give every shoe a total stack height of 10mm
All shoe models use cup soles that are 8mm in height with a 2 mm midsole


  • 2 mm removable insole (Optional: 5mm neoprene inserts)
  • the ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) underneath offers excellent moisture absorption and comfort

    LINING: Breathable light mesh lining to keep your feet cool and dry


    • 6 rows of eyelets (Made in the USA), 7 rows punched holes (HiLite), 5 rows punched holes (Nutrail)
    • Oval black or gray, or blue laces



    In details:


    Model Type: High-performance trainers

    From CrossFit to weightlifting to other high-intensity training, the Nutrail Air combines the soft-tongue lacing system of our popular Nutrail Cross Sport model with a Flex Mesh for enhanced breath-ability and strength. While the rest of you is sweating, give your toes room to breathe!

    WEIGHT: One size 9 shoe weighs 8.95 ounces (254 grams)


    Mid-top, minimalist, zero-drop shoes for comfortable, breathable travel by SOM Footwear

    HI-LITE and HI-LITE2

    Model Type: Mid-top

    SOM’s first mid-top model ever produced available in two models: the original HLN in SuperFabric® with water repellency; and the lighter (non water-repellent) HLN2 in Power Knit with improved breath-ability.

    WEIGHT: One size 9 shoe weighs 10.05 ounces (285 grams)


    Nutrail Zero Drop Minimalist Running Shoes


    Model Type: Sporty

    The Nutrail brings flexibility of motion to a new style of comfort. A shoe that feels like a slipper but performs like our sport model, the Trailhead.

  • LACING: 5 rows of punched holes in reinforced synthetic suede for less restriction across the foot. Oval black laces.

  • WEIGHT: One size 9 shoe weighs 8.9 ounces (252 grams)


    Trailhead shoe, comfortable and minimalist shoe available at SOM footwear


    Model Type: Sporty

    Sports-driven shoe with the most technical upper fabric of our product line. It is ready for any kind of activity. This light-weight shoe will give you the extra stamina needed complete long adventures (Tech sheet).

    WEIGHT: One size 9 shoe weighs 8.65 ounces (245 grams)


    Urban Trekker zero-drop, minimalist shoe for classy, comfortable look from SOM Footwear


    Model Type: Urban Casual

    Urban “on-the-go” shoe; not afraid of some rain or some snow. Breathable and water-resistant with a casual, yet classy look.

    One size 9 shoe weighs 8.55 ounces (242 grams)


    Norwood Classic minimalist, zero-drop shoes for breathable comfrot around the office available from SOM Footwear provides


    Model Type: Classy Casual

    Casual with style.  Because of its classier look, it’s perfect for everyday relaxed wear or work environments. 

    One size 9 shoe weighs 9.3 ounces (265 grams)