camo navy reusable face-mask
burgundy reusable made in usa mask
burgundy made in usa face-mask
camo navy made in usa reusable face-mask
Montrose firefigthers wearing face-mask made by SOM footwear
Storm King owner proudly wearing SOM's face-mask made in Montrose, CO USA

Made in USA Reusable Face-Mask

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When COVID-19 virus hit, we focused all our resources to engineer high quality durable rip-stop cloth masks to help keep our community safe.

Our 100% cotton rip-stop made-in-USA reusable face-masks exceed CDC (Centers for Disease Control) guidelines, fitting securely against the face when affixed with laces or ribbon straps. Multiple layers of fabric with a vapor barrier filter allow for breathing without restriction and, coupled with an adjustable nose-piece, the design provides a customized fit, improving protection for longer duration. Our machine washable design is engineered and hand fabricated by SOM Footwear.

These masks provide versatility for all types of daily activities (while maintaining social distancing): small social gatherings, shopping, attending appointments, etc. They are very comfortable to wear and easy to fit.

We are pleased to offer these masks in either a navy camo, a burgundy color or black, making best use of fabrics and supplies that we have on hand. Having supplied masks to our local healthcare workers, first responders and firefighters, the masks are now available for you to order. Limit quantity available ! Our shoes are also available in the camo color to compliment your social distancing outfit with SOM Footwear, wear and breathe free from head to toe!


How to take care of your mask:

- It is machine washable, and it will come to you unwashed;

- Use a laundry bag, or tie the straps together to avoid tangling everything else with it; 

- Let it air dry. Ironing is acceptable;

- There is a copper wire in the nose-piece, which can be removed by simply sliding it out. Avoid over-bending the wire;

- The vapor barrier filter we provide is optional. It can be washed with the mask but, because this may reduce the efficiency of the barrier, we recommend that you remove the filter prior to washing the mask.

CDC guidelines:

-be secured with ties or ear loops

-include multiple layers of fabric

-allow for breathing without restriction

-be machine laundered and  tumble dried without damage or change in shape

We would like to suggest a way to use this face-mask in its most efficient way. You can create a loop for each ear, with a simple knot attaching the top ribbon to the lower ribbon.  Then you tie the lower ribbons together, which will go around your neck. That way your mask is held at your chest until you are ready to use it. The first responders appreciate having it handy at all times and that the only part touched is the ear-loops, that you bring over your ears when needed. That method keeps your mask usable for a longer period of time without being washed, since we should not touch our mask before washing our hands according to CDC recommendations.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Daiken A
Best fitting Mask!

The best fitting mask!
My glasses don't fog up.
The nose piece is easy to form.
It is extremely comfy!
After using it for a day, I ordered three more for friends.

Thank you for taking the time to review our masks! This is new for us to serve face along the feet, but, why not. ;-)